Travelling to Beer Festival Copenhagen

Copenhagen Central Station is the nearest station at the intercity lines


Enghave Station and Dybbølsbro Stations are both in walking distancen of LOKOMOTIVVÆRKSTEDET.

Dybbølsbro approximately 13 mins walk and Enghave 17 mins walk


At Vasbygade (8 mins walk - Bus stop "Otto Busses Vej"):

Line 30 running from Flintholm st - via Copenhagen Central Station and from Tårnby via Tårnby st.

At Enghavevej:

Line 3A running from Nordhavn st via Enghave st and from Kgs. Enghave, Valbyparken via Sydhavn St

Line 10 running from City Hall Square via Copenhagen Central station and Enghave st and from Brønshøj Torv via Flintholm st.

Line 14 running from Ny Ellebjerg st via Sjælør st and Sydhavn st and from Ryparken via Ryparken st, Nørreport st, Vesterport st, Copenhagen Central station and Enghave st. 

Find the travel planner here!


Next to LOKOMOTIVVÆRKSTEDET there is a large car park. It is open to the public on payment. Parking slots are installed at the car park.

We highly reccomend that you do not bring your car to the Beer Festival, as a visit very easily will result in a situation where you are not allowed to drive when you want to leave the Beer Festival.

If you plan to leave the car to the next day. Please note that the car park has no surveillance and parking is on your own responsibility.


Driving to Lokomotivværkstedet is now via Otto Busses Vej opposite Havneholmen.

You can see a map showing you how here!


It is no longer possible to go via Vasbygade, as most maps (Google and Krak) still suggest!! 

Walking from Dybbølsbro station - see route here

Walking from Enghave station - see route here


You can plan your journey to the Beer Festival here!


Otto Busses Vej 5
2450 København SV