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Danish Beer Enthusiasts

Welcome to the home page of Danish Beer Enthusiasts

Danish Beer Enthusiasts (DBE) is a national member association for individuals as well as beer clubs interested in beer. DBE was founded on 5 September 1998 in the city of Odense at the reputable pub 'Carlsens Kvarter' selling a large range of selected brews.

The object of DBE is the following:

  • Promote a broad, varied range of Breweries and beer types in Denmark.
  • Create focus on the nature of beer.
  • Support and stimulate craft and home brewing in Denmark.
  • Disseminate the history of Danish beer and to ensure the history of the Danish beer forwards.
  • Ensure beer respect and maintain and further develop sound and solid beer traditions.

DBE represents the Danish beer consumers in the National Consumers' Advisory Council (Forbrugerrådet), in the contact committee of the Danish Recycling System administrating the bottle recycling system, and in the European Beer Consumers Union, EBCU. Among many activities, the DBE administrate a rating system of Danish pubs called "The Danish Beer Mark", our members vote for "New Beer of the Year" and "Brewery of the Year", and we annually present a "National Beer Award" of 15,000 Danish Kroner (about 2,000 Euro). Moreover, we arrange beer tastings, talks, visits to breweries, beer festivals, issue a quarterly beer magazine in Danish and much more.

A century ago, hundreds of breweries existed in Denmark. When DBE was founded, beer consuming in Denmark had been decreasing as well as the number of breweries (13 breweries left (1998) plus 2 microbreweries). In 1998 two breweries closed down. With this concentration on fewer breweries controlling the market, the diversity in the beer market decreased, and the widely spread pilsner beer had become synonymous to the word 'Beer' in Denmark.

Danes gladly pay a huge price for good quality food and drinks, e.g. eggs and meat without Salmonella, organic farming produce, a fine wine/whisky or even water. With the founding of DBE, Danes started focusing on beer. The number of members grew rapidly and soon followed a great increase in the import of foreign beer. Today, many stores sell up to 3-500 different beers, many new breweries are opening each year. Beer has become more popular than ever!

All new members are welcome to join by contacting DBE's office at sekretariat@remove-this.ale.dk or by sending a letter to Danish Beer Enthusiasts, Sekretariatet, Brogade 7A 1TV., 4600 Køge, Denmark.


Danish Beer Enthusiasts


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