Stew of beef with dark Augustijn.

1kg simmered beef-1 onion-1clove of garlic-1 celery-1 carrot-1 dark augustijn-400 gr canned tomatoes-250 ml broth of beef-fresh oregano-2 cl olive oil-pepper and salt.

-Spice the meat with salt and pepper. Heat 1 spoon of olive oil in a big pan with thick bottom. Sear the portions of meat in some hot oil. Get it out with a skimmer.
-Chop the garlic, onion, celery and carrot. Heat another spoon of oil in the pan. Stew the onion, celery, carrot and garlic until they become glazed.
-Pour the beer over. Add the meat, with the tomatoes and the broth of beef. Make it cook. Turn the stove down to a low temperature and let it stew for an hour.
-Remove the lid from the pan and let the meat

stew for another half hour. Chop some oregano and add to the stew as you wish. Flavour with some pepper and salt. Serve the stew with spirelli or other paste.
Fillet of cod with chicory and Celis White.

For 4 people
4 chicory shrubs-1 spoon butter -pepper and salt-2 shallots-1 dl fish broth-1 dl Celis White-5 spoons of cream-50 gr ice cold butter, in cubes-8 fillets of cod-fresh chive.
Rinse the chicory,remove the hard piece underneath. Snip the chicory shrubs and stew them al dente in half a spoon of butter. Spice them with pepper and salt.
Peal and shred the shallots. Fry them glazed in half a spoon of butter. Add the fish broth and the Celis White. Let it boil down up to three quarters of the volume
Pour the cream in. Bring to boiling point. Add the cold butter cubes little by little. Bring to taste with pepper and salt. Keep the sauce warm on a low temperature.
Roast the fillets of cod 3 to 4 minutes on each side, in the grill pan.
Spread the chicory and the fillets of fish on the preheated plates. Spoon some hot sauce. Finish off with chopped chive.
Cod fried in nut butter with dill, minced mushrooms with Augustijn Grand Cru (8 people)

•8 pieces of cod without skin
•Nut butter with dill: 200 gr farm butter, 25 gr. hazelnuts, 25 gr pine cone pits, 10 gr. dill
•Minced mushrooms: 75 gr. Chopped shallot, 150 gr. augustijn grand cru, 500 gr. Chopped white mushrooms, 150 gr.cream
Preparation and finishing:
•Nut butter: melt butter at room temperature or in micro-wave. Crunch the nuts and dill and mix with the butter. Let stiffen in the fridge.
•Minced mushrooms: cook the shallot with the Augustijn Grand Cru until almost all is condensed, add the chopped mushrooms and the cream. Let it cook until it’s a thick mass.
•cod: rub in a ovendish or a fire-resistant dish with some butter. Salt the cod on both sides, put in the dish and cover with decent slice of nut butter.
 •finishing: fry the cod in an overn for about 25 to 30 minutes at 70 °. The butter will stick to the cod nicely. Arrange the minced mushroom in a soup plate and put the cod on top. It is possibly to drop some clear butter from the dish around the cod. One can also replace the hazelnuts by fresh chestnuts, peeled and ground.
Venison chop, sauce of quince and Augustijn Dark, candied red cabbage, stew with sprouts and bacon

•800 to 1200 gr. Venison chops, membranes and meat waste
•Candied red cabbage (for 15 personen): 1 kg chopped red cabbage, 25 gr. vinegar, 100 gr. cassis, 100 gr. brown sugar, 100 gr. white sugar, stick of cinnamon, * 1 dl Augustijn Dark
•Sauce: 400 gr base of wild meat, shallot, 80 gr quince jam, 2 dl Augustijn Dark, 25 gr kneaded butter, some water
•Stew: 120 gr. Breydelbacon, 500 gr potatoes, 300 gr. sprouts, one spoon of lard or butter Preparation and finishing: candied red cabbage: let it stew gently under cover (you can preserve this preparation in the fridge for some weeks)  Sauce: burn the meat waste, then with the shallot. Add the rest and have it boiled down.Pass through a sieve and spice  Stew: cook the potatoes and the sprouts separately. Pour off the potatoes and mash, chop the sprouts coarsely and mix them underneath. Stew bacon with lard or butter and add to the mash.
 •Meat: rub in with oil and fry in the oven at 65-70° up to kernel temperature of 56°.
•Finishing: Warm stew, sauce and red cabbage. Dry the meat with kitchen towel, spice and burn in olive oil or clarified butter. Cut in slices. Arrange the stew and the red cabbage on the plate, and put the slices against it. Pour the sauce around it and serve immediately. Possibly some apple or cranberries on the side.
•Quince jam: chop quinces in large pieces and put on the stove under cover with a little water. Let cook for about 15 minutes and let cool down. Pour in a sieve with a towel in. Let it drain for 1 day. Take for 1 kg of juice 500 gr. sugar. Let cook for 10 minutes and let cool down. Preserve in the fridge or in a paraffin pot.

Fried monk fish with spinach, pumpkin coulis with Augustijn Blonde, stewed saffron tomato

 •8 pieces of monk fish
•Pumpkin coulis: 80 gr. Augustijn, 80 gr. Pumpkin flesh, 160 gr. butter
•Garniture: 500 gram spinach, cubes of pealed tomatoes, saffron  Preparation and finishing
•Pumpkin coulis: cook the pumpkin with the beer, mix and pass through a fine sieve. Before serving, warm the mixture and deglaze with the butter. Mix briefly before serving.
•Garniture: stew the spinach in some butter. Mix the tomatoes with some saffron and sea salt and heat last minute
•Fry the monk fish in a hot non-stick pan and let it fry some more in the oven. Arrange the spinach on the plate with the coulis, put the stewed tomato on the side and on top the fish.

Crème brûlée (burnt cream) of Leute Bok beer

Ingredients and preparation:
•Warm 500 gr. cream and 320 gr. milk up to boiling point
•Mix 2 eggs and 6 egg yolks with 150 gr. sugar, pour 175 gr. Bokbeer on top and mingle. To get more beer taste, one can take 250 gr of Bokbeer and cook to 175 gr.
•Mix everything and pour in pastry moulds. Bake in the oven in water bath at 110 degrees for about 40 minutes.
•Keep in fridge. Before serving: sprinkle with white and brown sugar and caramelize with a butane torch
Blue Beef rib steak with Gulden Draak, tempura of red onion, 'corne de gatte'-potato, cauliflower gratin

•1 to1,5 kg rib steak without bone in slices of around 5 cm, corne de gatte, fried mushrooms
•Sauce: 400 gr brown base water, meat waste, shallot, 250 gr. Gulden Draak, 40 gr. kneaded butter, thyme, laurel, teaspoon of brown sugar, a knob of butter for the finishing (last before serving)
•Cauliflower gratin: 400 gr. Cauliflower florets, 125 gr. milk, 125 gr. cream, 20 gr kneaded butter, mace, grated cheese.
•Tempura of red onion: 2 red onions, powder for tempura batter, panko, some Gulden Draak
Preparation and finishing:
•Sauce: burn meat waste, add shallot and sugar, extinguish with beer and add the rest. Leave for at least one hour and pass through a sieve. Finish off with butter in the end  Cauliflower gratin: cook cauliflower florets crispy. Cook the milk, cream and kneaded butter with pezo and mace, and blend the cauliflower florets underneath and put in casserole. Sprinkle with grated cheese.
 •Corne de gatte: cook corne de gatte-potatoes in the peel, cool down, and if necessary cut in pieces. Bake in butter or oil, spice with coarse salt and perhaps turmeric.
•Meat: Rub with oil or cacao butter, and put in oven at 70° or 53° kernel temperature.
•Tempura red onion: cut onion into rondelles of 0,5 cm, detach from each-other and put in micro-wave for 2 mintes. Let cool down. Make a batter of 50 gr. powder, 50 gr. water and 25 gr. Gulden Draak. Chop the Panko. Dip the onion rings in the batter and roll in the panko. Deep fry hot at 170°.
•Finishing: warm cauliflower in the oven until there’s a crust, warm the potatoes and other side dishes. Spice the meat and burn on both sides, cut in slices. Side dishes on the plate, cauliflower separate of on the plate. The meat on top and sauce on the side. Serve with the tempura of red onion.
Leg of the lamb with Piraat, za’atar, garlic batter, aubergine caviar, couscous with sprouts

•1000 to 1200 gr. cleaned leg of the lamb, garlic batter, za’atar herbs,
•Couscous: 250 gr. couscous, 350 gr. sprouts
•Aubergine caviar: 3 aubergines, some garlic batter, olive oil
•Sauce: 400 gr brown base, waste of the lamb, 100 gr. Piraat beer, garlic, thyme, leftover vegetables, 40 gr kneaded butter.
Preparation and finishing:
 •Sauce: burn the waste in oil, add leftover vegtables and garlic. Extinguish with beer and base. Add some liquid and kneaded butter. Let it stew gently and let flash-off to desired thickness. Pass through a sieve.
•Aubergines: cut in length, rub in with olive oil and garlic and bake in the oven at 160°C for about 50 minutes. Spoon the flesh out and mince with fork
•or knife, blend with some olive oil underneath. Put in a pan.
•Couscous with sprouts: cook sprouts al dente in 500 gr. water with 5 gr of salt. Put the couscous in a pan, put the sprouts through a sieve by which the juice ends up with the couscous. Cook the couscous therein. Let cool down. Cut the sprouts coarsely, add olive oil and za’atar.
•Leg of the lamb: spice up, burn and rub in with the garlic batter. Bake in the oven at 70°C for about 40 minutes or till a kernel temperature of 58°C is reached.
•Finishing: warm the aubergine mash and the sprout (in non-stick pan). Heat the meat in the end up to 200° in the oven or under the roaster, ad cut in slices. Arrange all on a plate and coat with sauce.


(recipe : Stef Roesbeke / De Cluysenaer)
Ingredients for 4 people
200 gr head meat, Augustijn dark, 12 capers with steel, White radish,
Cucumber , Cabbage turnip, Spring onions, Rice vinegar,
30 gr mosterd seeds , White wine vinegar, Poultry broth.
- Vinaigrette
10 cl nut oil, 5 cl white balsamic.
- Mosterddressing
Mayonaise, Augustijn dark, Tierenteyn mosterd

Heat the beer in a frying pan and let the head meat melt therein. Afterwards, pour it in a bowl and have it rest in the fridge for 2 hours.
Make strings from the cucumber and white radish and roll these clockwise.
Use a mold to get circles out of the cabbage turnip.
Marinade the vegetables in the rice vinegar for 15 minutes. Chop the spring onion.
Boil the mosterd seeds for 35 minutes in 1/3 part white wine vinegar en 2/3 part broth.
Let drain and cool off.
Make a vinaigrette from the nut oil and balsamic.
Make a dressing from the mayonaise and the mosterd and add some drops of Augustijn dark, according to your taste. Distribute the head meat in equal parts and put these in a line. Portion all vegetable snips around and
sprinkle all with the vinaigrette. Finish off with the dressing.

Ingredients for 4 people
600 gr salmon fillet, 3 dl Augustijn blonde, 1 dl rice vinegar, 4 white asparagus,
White of eggs, Bread crumbles, 8 white asparagus, 8 green asparagus
2 egg yolks, 2 spoons of marinade, 150 gr salted butter.
Make a marinade of the beer and the rice vinegar.
Bring to taste with pepper and salt. Cut the salmon into 4 equal parts and marinate these for 1 hour.
Steam the 4 white asparagus. Let them cool off. Cut them in equal parts and roll them through the white of eggs and the bread crumbles. Blanch the white and the green asparagus in salted water.
Take the pieces of salmon out of the marinade and rub them dry. Bake them for 2 minutes in a frying pan and put them in a preheated oven of 110°C for 10 minutes.
Make a light Hollandaise sauce with the egg yolks and the marinade. Finish with 150 gr melted butter (add in a gentle stream). Deep-fry the asparagus in bread crumbles at 160 °C.
Heat the other asparagus in a pan with butter. Dress up the plate and put the salmon on top of the asparagus. Finish off with the Hollandaise sauce.

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