Ny specialølspub The Cat and Barrel åbner ultimo oktober i Vejle



Welcome to The Cat and Barrel.


We will be opening soon, please subscribe to our page on Facebook for updates klik her


We have already seen many comments and questions about the bar - and we are really happy that you are all as excited as we are.


Our goals & principals:


Lots of great beer on tap - we are hopeing to start with around 20-25 taps - craft beer, local beer, microbreweries. We hope to have around 5 taps just for local breweries. Our focus is on quality beers, from sours to stouts.


Our "house" pilsner & classic are from Hancock.


You can expect plenty of fresh IPA's, great ales, and some fantastic stouts.


We will have a great selection of whisky, rum & gin.


There will be regular tastings (beer, whisky, rum & gin/tonic), tap take overs, visits from brewers and ambassadors.


We will be bringing our "introduction tastings" to Vejle - these start at around 200kr. These are great gifts, great for company events, for polteråbnd etc.


We have a separate room for tastings & meetings, this will be available to relevant groups & events e.g. DØE, homebrewers meet ups, international group meet ups etc...


Expect a slightly more grown up atmosphere with background music, somewhere you can have great conversations over great drinks - though you can expect the music to be turned up a little after 21:00 at weekends.


For the most part you can expect a tv free zone.


We are not a crazy cheap party bar, so dont expect to find 10 shots for 100kr here.


Dice, board & card games (Exploding Kittens, S**t Happens o.lign) will be available to loan at the bar, and we hope to get a dart board setup.


Initially, at least, we will not be offering food, but we will look at making arrangements with some local firms so that we can cater events at the bar.


Our staff will hopefully be a good mix of locals & internationals, for the most part, we will speak both Danish & English - though many tastings & events will be presented in English.


The bar is smoke free - there is a covered area outside for smoking.


We look forward to seeing you soon !